Tax rebate eligibility

Anyone living in a property in council tax bands A to D is eligible for a £150 tax rebate as part of a scheme to help with the cost of living crisis. Around 90% of eligible households have received this by direct debit, but what should you do if you haven’t?

The payment is a one-off amount, and does not need to be repaid. Anyone living in a property in bands A to D on 1 April 2022 (in England) qualifies for the rebate. You should check the criteria on your Local Authority’s (LA) website – a search for “cost of living support” should get you to the correct place.

If you pay by direct debit and you are eligible, there’s a good chance you will have received a payment already. However, if you haven’t, it may be that the LA doesn’t have up-to-date bank details for you. T the closing date for the scheme is 30 September. You should contact your LA directly to discuss your eligibility and to register your claim.

If you live in a property in a higher band, you could still qualify if you are on a low income, or qualify under a discretionary exemption. These vary with each LA, so again you should contact your council as a matter of urgency to avoid missing out.